Process Makes Perfect: A Look Back at Horty Springer’s Physician-Hospital Contracts Clinic

Process Makes Perfect: A look back on Horty Springer’s Physician-Hospital Contracts Clinic

Horty Springer seminars are always held at top travel destinations across the country, and they often coordinate with local events. Last week in New Orleans, seminar attendees had the opportunity to experience French Quarter Fest, which was packed with great live music and local cuisine.

Over the course of their three-day event, Horty Springer partners Dan Mulholland and Henry Casale spoke on a number of topics ranging from employment models to fraud and abuse legislation, providing guidance and insights that are invaluable given Horty Springer’s unmatched experience and expertise in the field.


Compensation considerations in employment arrangements


We found their discussion on employment and private-practice compensation particularly helpful. In this discussion, they examined employment arrangements and the ways in which they impact safe harbor, anti-kickback, and stark laws. They also addressed the unique compensation considerations that must be taken into account for hospital-owned entities.


Keeping contracts consistent


The presentation also covered the importance of having a systematic contracting process in place. When there is no process in place, people tend to hurry and hurrying, as they said, gets you into trouble. An established process aids in keeping contracts compliant and consistent across the board for employed and private-practicing physicians. This is especially important when determining fair market value.


Physicians’ compensation committees


Dan and Henry advocated the use of a physicians’ compensation committee and suggested that it would be beneficial to bring outside services, consultants, and/or surveys into the contracting process. Not only does this help document payments for compliance purposes, it also helps to create a sense of fairness and trust. This is critical when you have uniqueness in your market, resulting in contracts that differ from one another. If these differing contracts have all been derived using the same methodology, they are defensible.

We always come away from a Horty Springer event with a greater understanding and awareness of how our programs can help solve many of the problems facing healthcare today. This talk reinforced our belief that having a process-driven approach to compensation is key to the creation of compliant and consistent contracts.

MaxWorth’s Physicians’ Call Committee™ provides our clients with a process for quantifying and documenting call burdens and casting call compensation within fair market value standards. In our experience, the Physicians’ Call Committee™ addresses many of the issues raised during the clinic, including the need for increased transparency and fairness, which is the natural result of a consistent and well-documented process.


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