Physician Employment LIVE: Tools to Attract, Retain, and Reward

Physician Employment LIVE: Strategic Tools to Attract, Retain, and Reward

By: Kyle Worthy, Senior Consultant


During the American Association of Physician Leadership’s Winter Institute in Orlando, MaxWorth presented a bonus session on how organizations can use compensation as a strategic tool to enhance their employment strategies.

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Physicians are recruited and retained as employees because of their special expertise and value they bring to an organization. The loss of a key employed physician significantly impacts the profitability, stability, and progress of the hospital. Therefore, it is essential to explore creative compensation and benefit strategies that will support and enhance you physician employment strategies.

Our firm helps organizations design compensation and benefit programs that attract, retain and reward their physician employees. Though the use of a combination of short-term bonus arrangements and long-term retention incentives, organizations can offer physicians a benefit package that goes beyond traditional employment contracts.

During the webinar you will hear how our program’s design parameters may be customized to align the compensation with organizational goals like quality, value, longevity and/or performance. Through the utilization of special funding options, the program may be structured to recover the costs associated with recruitment and on-boarding.


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Total Runtime: 45 minutes 

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