Podcast: Interview with Dr. Peter Angood

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Peter Angood

As the CEO of The Association for Physician Leadership, Dr. Peter Angood is trying to start a social movement.


Every physician is viewed as a leader in his or her community. But not every physician has had the opportunity to acquire the skill set needed to navigate the complexities of health care’s new reality. As employment, care delivery, and compensation models evolve, the need for physician leadership has never been higher.

This week, we speak with Dr. Peter Angood, CEO of the American Association of Physician Leadership. For more than 40 years, AAPL has helped physicians develop their leadership skills through education, career development, and thought leadership, and provided a supportive community of peers.

During the organization’s Fall Institute in Scottsdale Arizona, we spoke with Dr. Angood about the changing healthcare industry, the challenges facing physicians, and how AAPL is positioning itself to be an agent of change.


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