Podcast: Interview with Dr. Paul Reiman

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Paul Reiman

With fairness and transparency as his top priorities, one orthopedist is leading the way to higher ground.


This week, we speak with Dr. Paul Reiman, an orthopedic surgeon from Southern California. When Dr. Reiman isn’t riding motocross, he’s working to solve some of healthcare’s most challenging problems. Whether he's improving the concussion protocols in motorsports or changing the culture of call pay in his medical community, Dr. Reiman believes in the power of team collaboration.

Given his ability to work closely with other physicians, it’s easy to understand why two different hospitals would tap him to be a part of their physician call committee process. It’s also why MaxWorth recently asked him to join our team as a physician facilitator.

During our conversation, we discuss the value of physician input, the need for transparency, and the divisive nature of traditional call pay arrangements, which often prompts the search for an alternative approach.


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