Impact of Call on a Physician’s Family: Rewriting the Narrative

The Impact of Call on a Physician’s Family: Rewriting the Narrative

By: Steve Worthy, Managing Partner

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Taking two cars to the soccer game. Not being able to have a glass of wine at dinner. A holiday interrupted. There’s no doubt that the burden of call is shared by the families of physicians.

But what about the benefits—are those shared as well?


Creating more meaningful benefits


When the traditional approach to call pay is used, a physician’s additional income seems to evaporate and it’s hard to point to something tangible that was gained from the arrangement. Our approach, on the other hand, creates an executive-like benefit for physicians, giving them the option to defer current income taxes on the call pay. As a result, they are able to accumulate more wealth and decide when the money will pay out. This approach provides physicians with the ability to use their call compensation towards larger financial objectives.


Sharing the rewards


And this is how we can change the impact of call on physicians’ families. By integrating call pay into their overall financial planning, physicians have been able to use it for family vacations, home renovations, college education, or as a retirement supplement, thus sharing the benefits of taking call with the loved ones who also share its burden.

During an annual review of his call pay account, one general surgeon told us, “I used the money to pay for my daughter’s wedding this spring and I wouldn’t have had the money if it hadn’t been for this program.”

It’s hard to measure the value of a program that has that kind of impact on a physician’s life.


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