Webinar: Physician Leaders and The Dynamics of Cultural Change

Webinar Registration: Physician Leaders and The Dynamics of Culture Change

By: Kyle Worthy, Senior Consultant


On-Demand Webinar Summary:

As physician leaders, you have an opportunity to influence change that can revolutionize the culture of your organization. Most organizational cultures unintentionally evolve over time.  When change is necessary, it is viewed with skepticism.  Those potentially impacted are fearful of losing out in a zero-sum game.

Successfully navigating the challenges of change depends greatly on how and when change is introduced.  When change comes because of a forced reaction to market, legal or financial pressure, it is exceedingly more difficult to implement without serious negative repercussions.  However, if change is strategic, and introduced in advance of forced circumstances, the outcomes are much different.

In this on-demand presentation, we will discuss how you can leverage three proactive strategies that will contribute to a culture of alignment and integration.

Based on our experience with implementing mutually beneficial, sustainable alternatives to the traditional approach to paying for call, we will introduce the following leadership principles that will positively impact the dynamics of your culture:

  1. Participation: setting the stage for change
  2. Fairness: achieving a standard for inclusion
  3. Transparency: how to build buy-in


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Total Runtime: 15 minutes 

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