Courage in Healthcare:
Dr. Arun Adlakha, Part 1

By: Kyle Worthy

Committing to a calling in the face of adversity

In this two-part episode, we speak with Dr. Arun Adlakha, a pulmonologist based in Charlotte, NC.

Arun and his wife, Kiran, met as medical students at CMC Ludhiana in India. In 1987, with a baby on the way, they made the decision to move to the United States. In part one of this episode, we will learn about the circumstances that led them to this decision and the challenges they would face as they reestablished their medical careers in an unfamiliar country.

This move required the Adlakhas to leave their families and defy the plans that had been made for them. Their story reminds us of the courage it takes to commit to a calling in the face of adversity. 

Listen to Part 2 >

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