Courage in Healthcare: Dr. Paul Reiman

By: Kyle Worthy

physician's passion for motorsports inspires concussion research 


Making sports safer for athletes is one of today’s top issues in healthcare. There’s more awareness than ever before regarding the danger of concussions, but we still have a long way to go before we fully understand head trauma and how it’s affecting our athletes. 


In this episode of Courage in Healthcare, we speak with Dr. Paul Reiman, an orthopedic surgeon based in Tumecula, CA. Dr. Reiman’s life-long passion for motorsports influenced his professional interests from the start. Over the course of his career, he’s helped many professional riders recover from injuries to get back on the podium. In 2009 he joined the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Unit. He currently serves as the unit’s lead physician and heads their concussion program. To better understand concussions and to make all sports safer for athletes, his team has partnered with the nation’s leading concussion research organizations. We sat down with Dr. Reiman to talk about about his love of motorcycles and how he hopes his passion will lead to breakthroughs in concussion research. 


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