Courage in Healthcare:
Dr. Arun Adlakha, Part 2

By: Kyle Worthy

The lasting impact of courage


In this two-part episode, we speak with Dr. Arun Adlakha, a pulmonologist based in Charlotte, NC.

In part one of this episode, we learned about the challenges the Adlakhas faced when they left their home in India to make a life here in America. Dr. Adlakha believes these challenges prepared him to play the role he was meant to play in the lives of others. His presence in America allowed him to lead his family through difficult times and pave the way for his daughter’s success. Dr. Adlakha says that none of this would have been possible if he hadn’t had the loving support of the Gill family.

During the conclusion of our conversation with Dr. Adlakha, we will learn how he was able to repay the Gill family’s kindness and what kind of impact these experiences had on his life.

Dr. Adlakha’s remarkable story shows us the power of perseverance, and that sometimes we’re called out of our comfort zones because we are meant to serve others. He reminds us that understanding the purpose behind our adversity will help us find the courage to face it.

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