Building The Ideal Call Committee

By: Kyle Worthy

A Physicians’ Call Committee can be a hospital’s inside track to success.

The benefits of a committee extend beyond compensation. A committee can encourage physician alignment, enhance culture, and provide a platform for deeper engagement. But when a committee has not been structured properly, it tends to become ineffective rather quickly. After working with hundreds of hospitals, we’ve learned how to make sure a committee functions as it should, benefiting physicians and bringing the hospital closer to its organizational goals.

This infographic illustrates the committee structure we use most often, which includes five to seven voting physician members, each representing a different specialty, one non-voting emergency room physician, and no more than two non-voting members from administration and/or the board of directors. 

Within this structure, committee members can work together to establish a fairness standard for call pay arrangements and provide a set of recommendations for administration that will inform a successful call compensation program. To learn more about the Physicians’ Call Committee process, download our updated program abstract. 



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