Call Pay Calculator®: A More Reliable Resource for Call Pay Data

Call Pay Calculator®: A More Reliable Resource for Call Pay Data

By: Kyle Worthy, Senior Consultant

When creating on-call compensation agreements, having reliable compensation benchmarks is essential, especially given the regulatory requirement that hospital-physician financial relationships must reflect the fair market value of the physician’s services.


Commercially available survey data is helpful as a checkpoint in this regard, but it can be limited, both in terms of sample size and survey respondent reliability. Our Call Pay Calculator® addresses these limitations and provides an additional resource for a more reliable and legally defensible approach to call pay.


The Call Pay Calculator® is a compilation of actual call pay per diems paid by hospitals to physicians. It is designed to be flexible, allowing our clients to build call-compensation reports based on criteria such as specialty, benchmark, and/or trauma level designation. Other features include the ability to save and print reports for use in presentations and proposals.


This resource is available to our clients at no cost, but anyone can subscribe to The Call Pay Calculator® for $1995 a year.


To see a demonstration of how the tool works, or to register please contact: or visit




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