5 Principles of Call Pay: Participation 

By: Kyle Worthy

Participation: giving physicians a voice  

At MaxWorth, we believe that compensation is a powerful tool hospitals can use to achieve their highest goals of providing quality care, maintaining their financial wellness, and ensuring the continuity of care in America for generations to come. That’s why we design programs, like our Call Pay Solution, that maximize the impact of hospital compensation. 


The Call Pay Solution was built on the principles of fairness, participation, transparency, sustainability, and inclusion. In this series, we will highlight each of these 5 principles. 

In episode three, we discuss participation. By creating a platform for physician participation, a hospital not only paves the way for the establishment of a strong call pay program, but it also increases medical staff alignment. This transforms call pay, which is typically a divisive topic, into one that supports a positive hospital culture.


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