How do You Win The Race For Physician Talent?

Physician Employment Stratagies

For the first time in history, there are more physicians employed by hospitals than by private practices. Combined with growing physician shortages and increased demand for care, this cultural shift has made retaining and recruiting employed physicians more competitive and expensive than ever.


Our firm helps organizations design compensation programs that attract, retain, and reward physician employees. Through a combination of short-term bonus arrangements and long-term retention incentives, organizations can offer programs that create a competitive market advantage while controlling cost.


The program allows a hospital to select the physicians it would like to include. It can be customized to align physician compensation with organizational goals like quality, value, longevity, and/or performance.


Through the utilization of special funding options, the program can be structured to recover the costs associated with recruitment, onboarding, and turnover.

Key Advantages and Benefits


The aggregate
three-year turnover
for physicians is


Hpositals utilizing
our programs
a turnover rate of


With the cost of turnover
estimated at $500,000 per
provider, the cost
savings could total

$2.7 million.

Want to learn more? Read our latest case study.

In our latest case study, learn how to reduce cost and distance yourself from the competition with compensation programs designed to attract and retain physician talent while driving revenue and reducing expenses.

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