On-Demand Webinar Series Summary:

When properly structured, call-pay arrangements can be a useful way to meet EMTALA obligations and further a hospital’s integration strategy. But when call-pay arrangements evolve from single-specialty negotiations they can turn into divisive, legal, financial and operational nightmares.


In this webinar we will discuss how physician leaders can successfully guide their medical staffs through the creation of a fair, inclusive, transparent and financially sustainable on-call compensation program by applying 5 proven principles. We will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various methodologies for determining call compensation per diem rates, how to evaluate fair market value data, and the concept of proportionality of compensation.


  1. Participation: The value of involvement in the decision making process
  2. Fairness: Going beyond FMV and why every market is unique
  3. Transparency: How to grow trust in a low trust environment
  4. Inclusion: Inclusion captaincy and the impact on physician alignment
  5. Value: How sustainability of your program brings true value to your organization


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