New hospital finds path to financial stability


105 Beds


45,000 ER Visits


Murrieta, CA

"It’s been a good financial model because it’s reliable. We’re very pleased with it, and I’m glad we implemented it.”

Peter Baker, Senior Vice President/Administrator of Loma Linda University Medical Center – Murrieta

The Challenge


Whenever you’re launching a new project, you want to start out strong. This is especially true when that “project” is something as complex as starting a new hospital.


That was the challenge administrators faced in 2011 when Loma Linda University Medical Center – Murrieta (LLUMC-M) first opened its doors. Leadership wanted to give the hospital a strong foundation and explored new operational strategies and processes that would benefit the organization long into the future.


It was during this pivotal phase that they were introduced to MaxWorth Consulting's Call Pay Solution.


The Solution


Peter Baker now leads the hospital as its Senior Vice President/Administrator. But at the time, he was in charge of the business development team tasked with exploring the Call Pay Solution.


“We were looking for a methodology to start out our call pay program and it seemed like a good fit,” Baker said.


Convinced the program could offer significant financial advantages to the hospital, administrators brought the idea to their medical staff. Baker said physicians were on board from the very beginning, seeing the deferred compensation plan as a tremendous benefit. They quickly voted to adopt the plan and then began forming the Physicians’ Call Committee.


Baker said physicians appreciated the transparency of the process and the fact that they would be involved in making decisions. He said the key to success was appointing respected leaders to the committee who had the trust of their fellow physicians.


“Having someone who is perceived as fair and is a leader in the community was essential,” Baker said.


Baker, who has worked at several other medical centers, said he knows how challenging call pay issues can be for both administrators and the hospital’s bottom line. He said it can be difficult for leadership to make long-term decisions when staff are constantly threatening to leave or demanding an increase in call pay.

The Outcome


The Call Pay Solution helped LLUMC-M avoid those issues from the very beginning. For a new hospital trying to establish itself in the community, Baker said that lack of volatility was a godsend. He also said the Call Pay Solution continues to provide real financial stability that has enabled leadership to craft comprehensive strategic plans for the hospital’s future.


“It’s been a good financial model because it’s reliable,” Baker said. “We’re very pleased with it, and I’m glad we implemented it.”


Baker said much of the credit for the program’s success goes to the MaxWorth team. He said they were extremely effective in communicating the benefits of the program to medical staff and answering their questions.


“The team there is uniquely talented in working with physicians, explaining things and responding to people,” Baker said. “I’ve been very impressed with how they’ve managed things.”


With a lot on his plate, Baker said he appreciates how easy it is to work with MaxWorth, and has even been in discussions about implementing the program at the hospital’s sister organizations. He said the level of service they provide only increases the already significant value of the Call Pay Solution.


“You could have the same system, but if you had a less effective group, it wouldn’t work as well,” Baker said. “I think they really help make it as successful as it is.”

Learn More

For more information about the Physicians’ Call Committee, the Physicians’ Advantage Plan or the Call Pay Solution, contact MaxWorth Consulting today. We’re proud of our innovative solutions and would love to show you how they can help hospitals like yours tackle your biggest financial challenges.

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