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MaxWorth Consulting Group, LLC is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for executives and physician leaders interested in learning about effective compensation strategies.  MaxWorth Podcasts was created to share our experiences with the designing, implementation and ongoing management of compensation programs with members of the healthcare community.

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Peter Angood

By Kyle Worthy | November 7, 2017

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Peter Angood By: Kyle Worthy As the CEO of The Association for Physician Leadership, Dr. Peter Angood is trying to start a social movement.   Every physician is viewed as a leader in his or her community. But not every physician has had the opportunity to acquire the skill set needed…

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Paul Reiman

By Kyle Worthy | April 25, 2017

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Paul Reiman By: Kyle Worthy With fairness and transparency as his top priorities, one orthopedist is leading the way to higher ground.   This week, we speak with Dr. Paul Reiman, an orthopedic surgeon from Southern California. When Dr. Reiman isn’t riding motocross, he’s working to solve some of healthcare’s most challenging…

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Tom Oliver

By Kyle Worthy | April 6, 2017

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Tom Oliver By: Kyle Worthy Episode Description During his time as president of the medical staff at Winchester Medical Center, Dr. Tom Oliver helped his organization successfully navigate a variety of challenges. But none would test his leadership skills more than an on-call compensation crisis. In this episode we talk with…


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