The Parkland Regional Physicians' Advantage Plan

Put your call pay to work with the physician’s advantage plan, a new type of benefit that maximizes the value of hospital based compensation by providing a way for physicians to defer current income taxes and accumulate wealth on a pre-tax basis without negating the opportunity to fully participate in qualified plans such as 401(k) and pension plans.


Weather its paying for your child’s education, renovating a home or bridging the gap from practice to retirement, your on-call compensation can be invested on a per-tax basis and linked to specific life events

Program Advantage and Benefits

Like most people in high marginal tax brackets, physicians are interested in sheltering current income from state and federal taxes beyond the limits and restrictions of 401(k) and pension plans.  However, private practices typically do business as S Corporations, LLC’s or Partnerships, which are flow-through type tax entities. In such entities, practice income is taxable at the physician’s individual tax-rate.   Therefore, executive benefit plans are not traditionally suited for private practice groups.  With the Physicians’ Advantage Plan™, your hospital is taking the initiative to change tradition.

  • one-l

    Ability to defer current state and federal income taxes and invest on a pre-tax basis

  • two-l

    Flexible distribution options (minimum three-year deferral period)

  • three-l

    Distribution elections made annually

  • four-l

    Distributions may be taken as a lump sum or spread over a period of year

  • five-l

    Distributions may be linked to specific life events such as college education funding or retirement planning

  • six-l

    There are no administrative costs for physicians

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