The Graduation Story:

How one doctor used The Physicians’ Advantage Plan to fund his daughter’s education, providing her with peace of mind.

Paving the way for success

wo doctors watch their daughter walk across the stage at her medical school graduation. Just like them, she always knew she wanted to practice medicine. Just like them, she chose to carry on the family legacy, joining a long line of devoted physicians. But unlike them, she is graduating debt free. She will never have to delay homeownership or put off starting a family due to the burden of student loan debt. Instead, she will have financial security and peace of mind as she starts her career and begins to make plans for her future. 


Years ago, knowing his daughter wanted to pursue medicine, her father chose to use his Physicians’ Advantage Plan to fund her education. He understood that it would have a significant impact on her life if she were able to graduate debt free.

Investment Elections

The physician chose the following elections in order to coordinate his distributions with the funding of his daughter’s education:

    3-Year Class Vesting

     Lump Sum Distribution

Enrollment Stories - Education

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