The Retirement Bridge:

How one physician used the Physicians’ Advantage Plan as a bridge into retirement, allowing her to focus on her philanthropic aspirations

Taking a step back in order to give back

As she nears retirement, a physician with a heart for philanthropy is giving back to her community in ways she’s never been able to before. She’s spending more of her time doing free clinical work. She’s been abroad to help with medical camps in marginalized populations.

Ten years ago, her longing to give back felt like a faraway dream. She was tied down to her practice since it was her only source of retirement income. She wouldn’t be able to stop working until age 70. She worried that by the time she was 70, she would have to fully retire from practicing medicine and forget about her philanthropic aspirations.

All of this changed when she enrolled in the Physicians’ Advantage Plan. She chose to use her plan as a bridge into retirement that would allow her to take a step back from her practice sooner than she thought she’d be able to. Her plan has given her the freedom to work when and how she wants to, and it’s turned her philanthropic aspirations into a reality.

Investment Elections

The physician chose the following elections in order to create a bridge into retirement: 

  5-Year Cliff Vesting

10-Year Distribution

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