The Lake House:

How one doctor used the Physicians’ Advantage Plan to achieve his lifelong dream of owning a family getaway on Clear Lake

Making memories that will last a lifetime

Clear Lake is as idyllic as its name suggests, a perfect mirror for the sky above. There’s a house on its northeastern shore nestled in a stand of evergreens. From its back porch, a family of four has enjoyed countless sunsets, lined up in their rocking chairs to watch the colors break on the water’s calm surface. Before it became a physician’s family getaway, it was his most dearly held dream. He knew as soon as he enrolled in MaxWorth’s Physicians’ Advantage Plan that he would use his distributions to turn that dream into a reality. 

The physician was so determined, in fact, that he kept a web app on his phone linked to his account. The icon for that app was a picture of a lake house, the sun setting in the background. Everytime the physician had to take call, he’d look at that icon to remind himself of what he was working towards. Now, his family escapes to Clear Lake every chance they get to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Investment Elections

The physician chose the following elections in order to coordinate his distributions with the purchase of his lake house:

    5-Year Cliff Vesting

     Lump-sum Distribution

cliff elections

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No matter what you’re working towards, you can use your plan to share your distributions with family
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