Client Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Call Pay Solution®. We enjoyed sharing the features and benefits of our program during our last conversation. On this page, you will find a variety of resources to help you in your discovery process.

If you have any questions, or are unable to access the documents, please contact us.

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    References and Interviews

    To help you in your discovery process, we’ve provided a list of hospital executives and administrators who have agreed to be references for prospective clients. You may also hear directly from our clients about their experiences with the Call Pay Solution® by listening to our interviews.

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    Additional Resources

    As we discussed, the Call Pay Solution® is comprised of seven proprietary processes carried out in three stages. Two of the essential elements of the program are the Physicians’ Call Committee™ and the Physicians’ Advantage Plan™. Although they are designed to work together, some facilities may choose to unbundle them. For more information about these two components of our program, please find the abstracts below.

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    The next step in our process is a one-day visit to your hospital, during which we provide a more in-depth presentation to the executive group as well as a separate presentation to a group of invited physician leaders. This presentation illustrates the methods we use to create a fair, transparent, and cost-effective call pay program. The on-site engagement agreement attached to our follow-up email describes the deliverables and fee structure of our initial on-site visit.

    To return your completed agreement, please click the link below. You will receive a confirmation and countersigned copy for your records within one business day.