The Challenge

Stability in executive leadership is vital to the performance and growth of an organization. Executive stability is especially critical in a hospital due to its unique mission, culture, and highly specialized workforce.

Statistics indicate the average tenure of a hospital CEO is 5.6 years with a median of 3.6 years. 92% stay in the healthcare industry, which means they were recruited away by competition. Rural and community-based hospitals, being more dependent on their executives for day-to-day operational and organizational tasks, are hit particularly hard by turnover. A recent survey by Navigant found that 21% of rural facilities were under risk of closing unless their financial situation improves.

It has never been more important for hospitals to reward top executives in meaningful ways in order to break the devastating cycle of turnover. At MaxWorth, we believe this can be done in a cost-efficient manner with the use of creative benefit programs.

Our Solutions

Our executive benefit programs are designed to motivate and retain key leadership by rewarding for loyalty and performance, thereby aligning compensation with the hospital’s retention and quality goals. Our programs incorporate funding vehicles to contain costs, allowing hospitals to offer compensation packages that are more competitive and balance sheet friendly.

Healthcare Executive Advantage Plan

DOES YOUR ADMINISTRATION OFFICE HAVE A REVOLVING DOOR? LEARN MORE CONTACT US LEARN MORE CONTACT US Healthcare Executive Advantage Plan™ Executive turnover is an increasing threat to the continuity of health care delivery in the United States. Leadership change can be disruptive for any organization, but the complexities of healthcare organizations can make it an…

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