Physician Attraction and The Growing Cost of  Recruitment

The Challenge

For the first time in history, there are more physicians employed by hospitals than by private practices. This cultural shift, combined with a growing physician shortage, has made hospitals’ recruiting more competitive and challenging than ever. Today, recruiting costs can reach $200,000 per physician. This issue is magnified for small and rural facilities, where attracting a new physician can make or break a service line.

In a recent survey, 46% of final-year residents say they have been contacted more than 100 times about potential practice opportunities. According to the Jackson-Corker physician search firm, the top three influencing factors when physicians are making their employment decisions are location, compensation, and benefits. Most hospitals rely on traditional benefits and compensation arrangements to distinguish themselves in the market. This puts pressure on hospitals to increase salaries and bonuses at a rate that many find unsustainable. To stay in the race, you need a creative solution.

Our Solutions

We believe the key to distancing yourself from the competition is to implement dynamic and better-aligned compensation and benefit programs that are specifically designed to attract physician talent while driving revenue and reducing expenses.

Physician Employment Strategies

How do You Win The Race For Physician Talent? LEARN MORE CONTACT ...

Want to learn more? Read our latest case study.

In our latest case study, learn how to reduce cost and distance yourself from the competition with compensation programs designed to attract and retain physician talent while driving revenue and reducing expenses.

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