The Challenge

As hospitals transition to value based care models, physician alignment has never been more important or had a more direct impact on revenue. As such, alignment is now a top concern of hospital administrators.

Alignment can be negatively impacted by a lack of trust and communication between staff and administration, as well as physician engagement issues and the cultural impact of top-down decision making.

Many hospitals are attempting to solve alignment issues by employing physicians. Increased employment has led to an escalation of competition between hospitals for top providers and a subsequent escalation in recruiting and retention costs. This rise in expenditures has left hospitals searching for a better way to recruit, retain, and reward physicians.

Our Solutions

At MaxWorth, we believe alignment can be achieved by creating compensation programs based on the principles of inclusion, fairness, and transparency. Our principle-based programs build trust between physicians and administration, which quickly eliminates the culture issues that so often impact alignment.

A thoughtfully designed compensation package not only benefits the physician, it also supports organizational goals like retention and quality. When compensation and performance are aligned, the hospital’s goals become the physicians’ goals, further aligning the medical staff with administration while containing cost.

Physician Employment Strategies

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Physicians’ Advantage Plan™

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