Case Study: Maury Regional


265 Beds


Columbia, TN

"The physicians are more satisfied, they feel like we’re acknowledging their contributions for call, and it was a partnership process, not top-down.”  

Alan Watson, CEO of Maury Regional Health

The Challange

When a group of surgeons from several specialties approached Maury Regional Health about adding call pay to their compensation package, hospital administrators knew they were in for a challenge.

“Any time a group approaches you about call pay, you start worrying about coverage for your patients,” Maury Regional Health CEO Alan Watson said.

The Solution

This was nearly a decade ago, and at the time, the rural Tennessee hospital wasn’t paying for call coverage. The new demands from physicians and the reality of the hospital’s financial situation meant they had to find an innovative solution.


“When we looked at the models of paying for call, they were just unsustainable for our organization,” Watson said.


A referral led administrators to partner with MaxWorth Consulting, utilizing their unique Call Pay Solution to address the hospital’s financial challenges. As part of the Call Pay Solution, Maury Regional implemented the Physicians’ Call Committee to bring multiple specialty groups to the same table, using a collaborative approach to establish a fairness standard for call pay rates. The inclusive nature of the committee made it easier to get buy-in from physicians who were eager to be involved in the decision-making process. It also helped improve alignment among physicians and reduce any tension between specialty groups. Hospital administrators were also attracted to the possibility they could recoup some of their call pay expenditure via the Physicians’ Advantage Plan.


“It allowed us to do something to acknowledge the difficult hours the physicians put into taking call without harming our bottom-line in a significant way,” Watson said. “The physicians are more satisfied, they feel like we’re acknowledging their contributions for call, and it was a partnership process, not top-down.”


By implementing the Physicians’ Call Committee, administrators recognized the importance of transparency in working with physicians and hospital staff. Maury Regional had already made strong efforts to foster an inclusive and collaborative hospital culture, using advisory groups to guide hospital policy and operations. They said the inclusive and transparent nature of the Call Pay Solution made it the perfect choice for their organization.


“It just fit very nicely with who we already were,” Watson said. “It was a very positive process. It wasn’t adversarial in any way.”


The Outcome

While other hospitals have been handcuffed by the burden of call pay, Maury Regional remains on strong financial footing. Administrators said the compensation package has also become an asset in physician recruitment. With MaxWorth’s Call Pay Solution, Maury Regional was ultimately able to add call pay without compromising their budget, strengthening their relationships with physicians along the way. Watson said the longevity of the program is a testament to its effectiveness.


“This is our 10th year and it still works,” Watson said. “It’s absolutely a success.”

Learn More

For more information about the Physicians’ Call Committee, the Physicians’ Advantage Plan or the Call Pay Solution, contact MaxWorth Consulting today. We’re proud of our innovative solutions and would love to show you how they can help hospitals like yours tackle your biggest financial challenges.

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