MaxWorth Case Studies

MaxWorth Consulting Group, LLC is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for executives and physician leaders interested in learning about effective compensation strategies.  MaxWorth Case Studies was created to share our experiences with the designing, implementation and ongoing management of compensation programs with members of the healthcare community.

Case Study: New Hospital Finds Path to Financial Stability

New hospital finds path to financial stability 105 Beds 45,000 ER Visits Murrieta, CA “It’s been a good financial model because it’s reliable. We’re very pleased with it, and I’m glad we implemented it.”Peter Baker, Senior Vice President/Administrator of Loma Linda University Medical Center – Murrieta The Challenge   Whenever you’re launching a new project,…

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Case Study: Hospital CEO finds solution to call budget unpredictability

Hospital CEO finds solution to call budget unpredictability 468 Beds Trauma Designation Johnstown, PA “Anybody that’s looking at how to manage call pay, they absolutely should go through the process and learn about it.”   Bill Caldwell, CEO of Conemaugh Health System The Challenge Predictability in budgeting is everything. But for many hospital administrators, the…

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Case Study: Maury Regional Call Pay Plan

Case Study: Maury Regional 265 Beds Columbia, TN “The physicians are more satisfied, they feel like we’re acknowledging their contributions for call, and it was a partnership process, not top-down.”   Alan Watson, CEO of Maury Regional Health The Challange When a group of surgeons from several specialties approached Maury Regional Health about adding call pay to…

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