The Call Pay Solution®

On-call compensation issues involve two divergent perspectives: the medical staff's and the hospital administration's. Physicians perceive a justifiable need to be compensated fairly for the services they provide. Administrations face the challenge of staffing their emergency departments with specialists who provide emergency medical services to the community while fulfilling EMTALA requirements.


It’s important to find an approach to call pay that satisfies the interests of the physicians without threatening the financial viability of the hospital.


Our Call Pay Solution® helps your hospital create a call pay program that’s inclusive, fair and sustainable. The program’s three-phase, six-step process empowers your organization and inspires change, creating a culture of call pay that’s inclusive and mutually beneficial.

Our Process

Phase 1

Initial Onsite Visit

MaxWorth presents the essential features of our Call Pay Solution to your administrative team and physician leaders so you can determine if the program is a right fit for your organization.

The Physicians' Call Committee

Members of the committee work together to arrive at a set of recommendations that will be presented to the medical staff and then to administration for approval. These recommendations will include a list of specialties the committee believes should be paid for call and the suggested per diem rates for each. Learn More.

Phase 2

The Physicians’ Advantage Plan

The Physicians’ Advantage Plan creates a competitive advantage for your hospital by providing your physicians with a unique benefit. Learn more about the program here.

Physician Education and Enrollment

MaxWorth’s education and enrollment team will help communicate your plan’s key features and benefits to your medical staff. During one-on-one meetings, your physicians will have the opportunity to ask questions about the plan and discuss the best options that fit their personal goals.

Phase 3

Funding Design

Through proper funding design, your call pay expense can be transformed into a long-term investment. By establishing a vehicle for cost recovery, the Call Pay Solution increases sustainability and strengthens the financial viability of the program. 

Ongoing Service

The MaxWorth team will support your hospital in the communication, education, and ongoing administration of your plan. Through a network of strategic alliances, the Call Pay Solution® provides access to a suite of services that help you run an efficient and cost-effective program.

Want to Learn More? Read our latest white paper.

Read our latest white paper, The Call Pay Solution: Stabilizing budgets with a fair and sustainable approach, to learn how MaxWorth uses a unique process to help hospitals become more financially stable.

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